Dreams and Dedication are Powerful Combination - William Longgood

Week #4 Poem Tick toc

Csaba Fekete via Compfight Tick tock tick tock as I watch the hand turn around the wheel I wonder why we rely on the small things Why we depend on the something so innocent if time matters why do I… Continue Reading →

Week #12 Have I Improved?

I feel as though I’ve improved a lot since the beginning of the year to this day. I have been writing a lot about swimming I’m very passionate about it and I love to do it Year-round. I am also… Continue Reading →

Week #11 The Apology That I Owe You

prof.bizzarro via Compfight For all those times I have screamed For all those times I have laughed And for all those times I stayed quiet I want to know if I’ve broken that glass That lasts between us The wall… Continue Reading →

Week #9 Her eyes

Wendelin Jacober via Compfight Her eyes, They shine in the sun light Like icicles in the sun They can smile Her eyes They can be distressed They can be filled with excitement With every tear is like a bullet in… Continue Reading →

Week #8 My Digital Footprint

My digital footprint Is relatively large even though I don’t have a lot of social media. My digital footprint started when my mom was pregnant at 5 months they scan my mother’s belly to see me, baby me. After that… Continue Reading →

Week #7 Drawing

Drawing has always been a helpful thing for me. When I was younger I wanted to be the best drawer in the world. A lot of my friends have gotten into drawing. One of my close friends called Mona, she… Continue Reading →

Week #6 Poem #1

My legs, my beautiful legs, They help me move, They help me swim, They are mine, All mine, No one can take them away, Not from me, My legs beautiful, They are elegant, They shine in the sunlight, They help… Continue Reading →

Week #5 Disney Land

My family and I have gone to Disneyland only once but I would have to say it’s a life-changing experience. When I was at Disneyland we stayed for a week. That week was magical! Even though it was in April… Continue Reading →

Week #4 : Food Shortage Around the World

I want you as readers to guess how many countries are going hungry, go ahead and comment your guess. ————————————————————————————————- There are thirty four countries are going hungry. The cause is simple, droughts, and floods. Most of the food shortage… Continue Reading →

Week# 10 The Sad Goodbye!

So sad that this year’s blogging challenge is over. It has been a good year. Good bye 2016…Hello 2017! Are you excited for this coming year? How many posts did you do? I did 6 and this will be my… Continue Reading →

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